Sunday, October 18, 2009

what a weekend...

This weekend marked many memorable moments for me and the kiddos. Emma shot her first deer out of my dads old spot. Landon went on his first hunt and his gun misfired... but later that day his ball team won their final game in two overtime innings placing them second in their league. Greysen and I spent the entire weekend side by side and having the best conversation ever. I played with my niece Ella for like three hours straight then spent the next evening with my niece Peyton. Brandon worked and I painted a hutch. My house is all clean and I had some quality time with my God... it was truly an awesome weekend. I love weekends like this!

Im sure the kids said some funny things, but I cant remember them off the top of my head... I will leave ya with this video that I also put up on facebook of Emma after getting her first deer. This video is so awesome to me because I can see so much going on with Emma in this clip. I can see her nerves and her happiness and her holding back tears too.

I asked her tonight before bed how she felt when she got her deer. She looked at me and and her little cheeks started shaking and her eyes watered up and she said "I just wish grumpy would have been there too." Then we both hugged and cried for a bit. All I could think was, me too. I still think that every day... I guess that never goes away.

So, as you watch the video of emma shaking the neck of a deer in an OCD kind of way and petting it while attempting to carry on conversation with her Uncle Jeff... you can sort of place yourself in her emotional state. Adrenaline rush combined with Happy...and sad...bittersweet I guess. I am truly grateful for my brother and this experience that he was able to give Emma.

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  1. I miss him more than I thought possible. And I can't imagine being MJ and wishing her Grumpy was there. He would be so proud, you know it.